Susana Espinosa on Sabbatical
Manager Darlene Parker will be replacing her temporarily.
As of today, there will be some small changes in the administration of the Daycare.
Camille Lalonde, whom you all know, will from now on serve in the exclusive function of Educator. Head Manager Hugo Ricoy will take charge of the daycare as of today, 21st of May, 2010.
New Manager of Canaries 2
Canaries 2 Daycare announces the arrival of our new Manager, Supervising Manager Camille Lalonde.
Promoted and Transferred
It is with mixed feelings that Canaries 2 announces the departure Of Malakeh Tehrani. Malakeh has been promoted and transferred to our daycare in Brossard.
The Pattichis-Savvides Family in Mourning
The Pattichis-Savvides family sadly announces the passing of Charalampos “Pampos” Georgakis, of Larnaka, Cyprus.
Candy, foodstuff and allergies
Candy, chocolate bars and other sweets are strictly prohibited at the daycare, especially in the pockets of the children. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in the daycare, you must do so in collaboration with the administration.

Welcome to Canaries Daycare in Lasalle
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
6am to 7pm 

All Inclusive Package
Based on full time (5 days a week) attendance, includes 10 continuous hours of high quality daycare service, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, three snacks for all children present), Healthy menu (no pork or beef), complete Combined-Montessori Program, daily and summative evaluations of your child's progress at the daycare. 
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